About Us

Thanks for dropping by! I'm Carrie, the banker, and my husband is Ken, the excavator. While we both grew up around women who sewed, neither one of us knew anything about the time honored skill ourselves.

One fateful day, I happened to meet an amazing Australian family who just happens to own one of the most successful quilt and pattern design businesses in Australia. Soon afterward, my husband and I experienced an "Aha!" moment, realizing that we wanted to be a part of the quilting world too. With the help and support of Sue Daley and her daughter, Shannon, Twig n Grace was born. We're passionate about sharing their extraordinary line of products with the rest of the world! 

We love to help fellow stitchers find the products that best suit their creative needs and contribute to a more enjoyable and productive quilting experience, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding our inventory of English Paper Piecing merchandise. 

Looking forward to serving you~

Carrie & Ken